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10 Best Non-Profit Logo Designs

When asked to think of a few non-profits, what comes to mind? You are probably envisioning their logo along with their name, and that’s because these organizations have made a point to create a logo that withstands the test of time.

Non profit logos, just like any other business logo, take font type, color, space, icon, and style into account. The trick is to make sure that the end result encompasses what the non-profit is about and what they stand for. Taking some creative liberties with icon placement and fonts can go a long way when it comes to telling an audience what type of work an organization does.

When it comes to non profit logo designs, there are five critical elements that must be considered during the logo design process.

Creating  a Successful Non-Profit Logo

  • Timeless. Some non-profit organizations are celebrating their 50th or even 100th year — thanks in part to a timeless logo. The fonts and styles should still be on trend decades from now.
  • Original. Creating a logo that’s similar in style and color to an existing non-profit will confuse your audience, especially if your non-profit doesn’t focus on the same cause. It’s time to research what makes your non-profit unique and incorporate those thoughts into a logo design.
  • Simple. These days, it’s all about minimalist logo designs. Keep your message and your logo simple so that anyone, anywhere can identify with your brand.
  • Memorable. Ask yourself: Would people be able to recognize your non-profit with your proposed logo design? Create a logo that is memorable by choosing unique fonts, colors, and shapes.
  • Relevant. A non profit logo design should be appropriate and relatable to the work or services you provide. Including a tree or animal in your logo when your non-profit specializes in cancer awareness won’t be relevant.

Need some non-profit logo inspiration to help you get started? Below are the ten best non-profit organization logos, each of which has fully embraced the five creative principles mentioned above.

Top 10 Non-Profit Organization Logos

  1. World Wildlife Fund (WWF). A classic rendition of a successful black and white logo design, the WWF’s iconic logo is recognizable and memorable. The panda icon perfectly encapsulates what the non-profit does (protecting wildlife on a global scale) without being too overbearing. The use of negative space in the icon and the unique font type is what makes this logo a huge success.
    World Wildlife Fund Panda Logo Design
  2. (RED). A non-profit dedicated to providing relief and support to those affected by AIDS, this organization’s logo is perfectly branded. The use of a deep red color, modern font, and simple parenthasis for a finishing touch helps people identify with their brand. The best part about their logo is that it can be easily translated onto promotional products and looks great alongside other non-profit organization logos who they partner with.
    (RED) non-profit logo
  3. Humane Society of the United States. As the nation’s most effective animal protection organization, they have big shoes to fill when it comes to their logo. Luckily their non-profit logo design perfectly captures what the organization does. Sticking to a navy blue color, the logo design includes a variety of animals that are strategically positioned to outline the appearance of the United States. While this is one of the most complex non-profit logos, the design works due to the choice to use one color and a bold yet simple font for the organization name.
    Humane Society of the United States logo
  4. YMCA. Founded in 1844, the YMCA has been a symbol of community togetherness and youth support since day one. As such, the non-profit needs to ensure that their brand is recognized on a global scale. The YMCA opted for a bright, bold red and orange for their color scheme and a large Y-shaped icon that is easily identifiable on promotional materials, websites, and on their buildings. The non-profit’s logo is also a great example of the use of abstract shapes to create a letter.
    YMCA logo
  5. Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC). The NRDC has chosen a more traditional approach when it comes to their non-profit logo. Badge icons such as theirs are timeless and simple, which bodes well for a global organization that plans to stick around for awhile. The eye easily travels throughout the entire logo thanks to the light blue outline around the polar bear placed within the badge. The dual-blue hues and the custom bold font are easy on the eyes and instantly memorable.
    NRDC logo
  6. Boys & Girls Clubs of America. A national organization that focuses on providing after-school programs for young people needs a logo that speaks to young adults, children, and their parents. The Boys & Girls Clubs of America uses capital black lettering that is placed below an abstract logo icon. The icon is strategically designed in the shape of a hand placed within another hand, which creates the symbolism of support.
    Boys & Girls Clubs of America
  7. Salvation Army. Another example of a timeless badge logo design, the Salvation Army’s non-profit logo consists of a shield shape with a red background and a decorative-style font type. Their shield logo style ties in perfectly with the non-profit’s message, which is to protect those in need no matter what background they come from. Their logo is also a perfect example of a successful branding without the use of an icon.
    Salvation Army logo
  8. Iraqi & Afghanistan Veterans of America. Bold, simple, and modern, the Iraqi & Afghanistan Veterans of America’s text-only logo caters to a younger generation who served in the world’s latest war. At first glance, the creative bold hash marks don’t appear to mean anything. Upon further inspecetion, these lines are perfectly positioned to create an acronym for the non-profit organization. This is a perfect example of an original, simple, and contemporary wordmark logo.
    Iraq Afghanistan Veterans of America
  9. Goodwill. Designed back in the late 1960’s by Joseph Selame, Goodwill’s non-profit logo is a playful yet appropriate abstract logo design catering to all demographics. The lowercase “g” in “goodwill” skillfully creates a smile, which ties in the smiley face above the organization’s name. Bold black outlines, block-lettered font, and the use of negative space make this organization’s logo unique and relevant.
    Goodwill logo
  10. The Water Trust. When it comes to designing a non-profit logo, cleverly incorporating an icon into the text is sure to win an organization extra points for creativity and brand recognition. The Water Trust, a non-profit dedicated to providing clean water to underdeveloped communities, has successfully conveyed what their organization does by manipulating the letters to form a water droplet. This pseudo text-only logo snuck in a water droplet icon that’s highlighted in a light blue color. The rest of the text is a navy blue modern font that is bound to look good against any background and on any promotional product.
    The Water Trust logo

Have a few ideas in mind for your own non-profit logo? Create a logo for free today using our online logo maker. Don’t forget that any successful non-profit organization should market and expand their audience by placing their logo on their website, social media profilts, apparel, business cards, and other promotional items.

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