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The Ultimate Business Startup To Do List

Starting a business is an exciting and difficult endeavor, but one that can lead to happiness and satisfaction when done correctly. We like to think that coming up with a business idea is the easy part; perhaps you thought of something on your morning commute to work, or while making dinner, or running on the

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How To Trademark Your Business Logo

Deciding to create a logo for your brand is an exciting moment for any business. A logo is a visual representation of everything your brand stands for, including the products you offer, the services you provide, and your company culture or message. Businesses pour hundreds or even thousands of dollars into developing their brand and

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Your Road Map To Designing The Perfect Travel Logo

Whether you own a travel agency, tourist service, hotel, or other business that provides services to travelers, the best way to tell others about your company is by creating and displaying your logo. A business logo is a focal point for your brand; it’s what customers identify with first and foremost. For travel-related companies, logos

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What Is An Ideal Logo Size?

For such tiny assets, logos sure play a significant role in your social presence as a brand. People see your logo wherever they engage with your business. On TV and computer screens. Store merchandise. Signs and billboards. Digital apps. T-shirts. Print ads. Blurry logo images do nothing for your brand, but they can undoubtedly tarnish

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Where Should You Place a Website Logo?

The average web visitor only skims your homepage for a few seconds before deciding whether to leave or stay. Is your website logo optimized to grab attention? Display your business logo in the right places to engage your audience. Logos are one of the first touchpoints with your brand. They offer new site visitors a

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