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Your New Year’s Resolution: Start a Business

According to a survey conducted by Intuit (the guys behind Quickbooks and Mint), 72% of Americans want to own their own company. And 84% believe they would be more passionate about their work if they owned their own business. We certainly are. If you’re among those dreamers, there’s never been a better time to start your

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16 Inspiring Quotes for Startups, Entrepreneurs, and Small Business from Robert Kiyosaki

You know him as the creator of the Rich Dad brand based on his Rich Dad Poor Dad book series. Robert Kiyosaki is also an entrepreneur, an investor, financial commentator and radio personality. Originally from Hilo, Hawaii, Kiyosaki graduated from the United States Merchant Marine Academy which is an unpredictable start for an entrepreneur of

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How To Use Schema.org Markup for Your Logo Design

Last year, Google announced that they would start supporting schema.org markup language for organization logos. For those of you who aren’t web programmers, that means that you can add a bit of code to your website that tells Google which image on your site is your logo. Schema.org is a identification protocol that helps the

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8 Quotes from London-based Entrepreneur Jessica Butcher

Our inspirational quotes for this week come from across the pond, where Jess Butcher and her co-founders have found international success with their “augmented reality app”, Blippar. It turns any physical, printed image, or product into an interactive digital experience. Butcher currently oversees the expansion of the brand as head of the company’s consumer-marketing divisions.

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Are Startup Success Stories Really Startup Luck Stories?

Have you ever picked up a business book looking for ideas, or inspiration, or even guidance? Books like Pour Your Heart Into It by Howard Shultz or Creativity, Inc. by Ed Catmull—both fantastic books by the way—are all about the smart decisions that helped ceate massively successful businesses worth billions of dollars. Who doesn’t want to learn from those

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How to Make a Logo: 4 Different Options

We’ve written extensively about what makes a good logo, whether you should design your own logo, and whether you even need a logo design in the first place. If you’ve missed any of those articles, take a few minutes to catch up and read them now. So if you’ve decided you do need one, here’s how

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