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Bad Design Advice You Can Safely Ignore

This is going to sound like we’re picking a fight. We’re not. First, let me say, we love designers. We’ve worked with hundreds of them. They are some of the most talented people in the world. They make work fun and interesting. And they created every one of the 10,000 icons in our logo design software.

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Is a Cheap Logo Design Really Bad for Business? No.

Every few weeks we come across another article written by a graphic designer touting the horrible things that will happen to your business if you buy a cheap logo. They often claim that cheap logos are unoriginal. Or forgettable. Or untrustworthy. Can we be honest for a minute? Tens of thousands of companies have blown massive budgets

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Is It Time To Design A New Logo?

It seems to be a rare thing these days to find a company that sticks with its logo for more than a few years. And for organizations like sports teams, which are constantly trying to stay fresh and relevant to their fans, we’ll see new logos every two or three years. So, if everyone else

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What Is Your Logo Design Worth?

As a follow up to last week’s post on what a logo should cost… So if you hire a designer and pay $2000 for a logo, your logo design is worth $2000, right? And if you create a logo for less than $50, you logo is worth less than $50. Before you answer that, consider

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