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Winning Designs: 10 of the Best Logos of 2017

Eggs with faces drawn on them

Brands big and small are working harder to create eye-catching logo designs. Everyone wants to stand out and be the next trendsetter. But more often, businesses settle for bland designs because it seems like all the best ideas are taken.…

White Logos: Should You Use White to Represent Your Brand?

white logo ideas

The colors you select for your company’s logo, branding, and overall content palette are highly influential. This is why many designers and marketing professionals invest substantial time, research, and money into understanding target audiences and deciding which colors they choose…

The Stories Behind 8 Famous Tech Logo Fonts

Social media app icons on phone

Tech brands can’t overlook the role of great typography in logo design. Modern audiences rapidly devour content with their eyes. Not only does branding have to be unique and relevant; it has to be readable. Technology has a reputation for…