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Designing an Eye-Catching Photography Logo

Making your mark in any creative field is a challenge when you’re surrounded by gifted minds with original ideas. Low startup costs and few barriers to entry have made photography an exceptionally competitive career. The Bureau of Labor Statistics expects employment for freelance photographers to grow 12 percent between 2016 and 2026. Grabbing attention in

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8 Tips for Creating an Inspiring Church Logo Design

Church branding may seem like the least important part of spreading the gospel. In reality, building an identity allows your message to reach more people. Unlike a business, a church isn’t primarily selling a product. People choose a congregation for its unique approach to faith and community. New members want to feel welcome and uplifted

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Red Logos: When & Why Your Brand Should Use Them

You’ve worked in your industry for more than a decade — you’re an industry vet. In the past year, you formulated a business plan for your startup, raised enough money to launch it, and devised a plan to manufacture, sell, and distribute your offering. You think that you’re ready to launch your business. Amirite? Unfortunately,

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4 Most Common Business Logo Myths Debunked

Do you really need a business logo, or can you get by without one? Your logo establishes you in the marketplace. It’s the starting point of your brand identity — the set of values and characteristics that set you apart from other businesses. Without a logo, your visual impact on customers won’t be as strong.

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