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How to Create a Logo: A Comprehensive Overview

There’s a reason logos are everywhere you look. Since the dawn of man, people have used symbols to get their point across. From hieroglyphs to crosses to pink ribbons, symbols have meaning beyond what you see. They stir your emotions and conjure up memories of past experiences. Goods logos tell rich stories about brands and

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What to Consider When Selecting a Logo Maker

The highly digitized and competitive business world calls for entrepreneurs and investors to come up with creative ways of giving their companies an upper hand. Apart from hiring qualified staff members and coming up with robust marketing strategies, companies need to have a recognizable logo on their products, official document letterheads, building signage, and online

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Michael Bierut on Logo Design

Earlier this week we came across this video of award-winning graphic designer Michael Bierut talking about design and specifically the power of logos. Beirut is a partner at Pentagram—a design powerhouse—and the winner of more than 100 awards for his work. He knows his stuff when it comes to logo design. Here’s what he has

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Is a Cheap Logo Design Really Bad for Business? No.

Every few weeks we come across another article written by a graphic designer touting the horrible things that will happen to your business if you buy a cheap logo. They often claim that cheap logos are unoriginal. Or forgettable. Or untrustworthy. Can we be honest for a minute? Tens of thousands of companies have blown massive budgets

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Is It Time To Design A New Logo?

It seems to be a rare thing these days to find a company that sticks with its logo for more than a few years. And for organizations like sports teams, which are constantly trying to stay fresh and relevant to their fans, we’ll see new logos every two or three years. So, if everyone else

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How Much Should Your Logo Design Cost?

Let’s be honest. This is a loaded question. And the answer you get will almost certainly depend on whom you ask. Today we’ll look at the prices we often see people say are a fair price for a logo. We recently came across an old blog post about this very subject. The author argued that if

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