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Category Archive for Logo Design Basics

The Do-it-yourself Guide to Logo Design

We put together a little presentation that walks you through the basics of logo design: what you need to do before you start, what others have done, and a great tool for getting the job done. Check it out: Logo Design: How to Design a Logo from Rob Marsh

Logo Design 101: What Makes a Logo Great?

We’ve written before about how you can create a great logo design. So if you’re interested in the how-to, click that link. But what exactly makes a logo great? What is it about your favorite logos (or the logos you see most often) that makes them stand out from all the others? A Great Logo Represents

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Where Is My Free Logo?

Every once in a while we get an email from an upset customer saying something along the lines of: “You guys are jerks. Nothing about your service is free.” Well, that’s just not true. And we wish these upset customers would include their contact information so we can let them know there is an option

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Do You Need a Logo? Maybe Not.

Since we’re a company that prides itself on having the best online logo maker, you probably didn’t expect to hear this from us, but the truth is, there is some controversy around the need for a professional logo. Really? Are you serious? Yes, that’s right, we asked the question. It’s true that every day we help

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