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Logomaker offers a collection of free ebooks, presentations, and infographics that you can download, read and even post to your own blog or website (all we ask is that you give credit to www.logomaker.com). Here’s what we’re giving away right now:

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how to create a logo with LogoMaker

How to Create a Great Logo with Logomaker

Some have called this the "missing manual for the Logomaker software". This ebook walks you through the steps to create a Logomaker account, pick your logo icon, add text, change colors, then save and download your new logo. It also shows you how to download your free web logo. It’s the perfect how-to-guide for creating a logo for your new business, school project, or other venture. 48 pages.

how to create a logo

The Beginner's Guide to Logo Design: How to Create a Logo Even If You Can’t Draw to Save Your Life

Before you start designing your logo, there are a few things to think about. What ideas do you want your logo to represent? How do you want your customers to think about your business? And, do you really need a logo? This ebook will help you answer the questions and get started on an amazing logo you’ll love using Logomaker’s online software. Available as an ebook or online.

how your brain sees a logo

How Your Brain “Sees” A Logo Infographic

Looking for some interesting content to post on your blog or website? You could do a lot worse than this infographic that shows how humans think about logos and how logos effect the way we behave. This is fascinating science you can share on your website.

how to design a logo

How to Design a Logo: A Do-It-Yourself Guide for Non-Designers (Presentation)

Okay, this isn’t an ebook or an infographic, but it is a simple presentation that will walk you through the basics of logo design, starting with branding, the kinds of icons and fonts you might consider, and the psychology of colors used in logo design. Check it out, then click the links at the end to learn more. 31 pages.

More free resources coming!

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